SS&C 30 Year Anniversary

Bill Stone founded SS&C Technologies in the basement of his home in 1986. This March SS&C celebrated 30 years as an industry leader in fund administration, insurance and pension funds, and asset and wealth management accounting and reporting technology. Fast forward to today, three decades later, our commitment to being a leading provider is as strong as ever and SS&C has evolved into a powerhouse of software and services for the financial services industry. Our combination of award-winning products and services delivers this promise of innovation to over 10,000 organizations worldwide. Together with our clients and employees we continue to transform the industry.


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SS&C by the numbers

Throughout our 30 years helping our clients become leaders in the financial industry, we have witnessed some incredible growth. We are proud of where we have been and look to a future of innovation in the industry.






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  • Executive Bios

    William C. Stone

    Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

    William C. Stone founded SS&C in 1986 and has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer since SS&C's inception. Prior to founding SS&C, Mr. Stone directed the financial services consulting practice of KPMG LLP, an accounting firm based in Hartford, Connecticut and was Vice President of Administration and Special Investment Services at Advest, Inc., a financial services company.

    Bill Stone Executive Insights
  • Executive Bios

    Normand A. Boulanger

    President and Chief Operating Officer

    Normand A. Boulanger has served as SS&C's President and Chief Operating Officer since October 2004. Mr. Boulanger has held a number of executive positions at SS&C since 1994. Prior to joining SS&C, Mr. Boulanger was Manager of Investment Accounting for The Travelers, a property liability insurance provider.

    Normand Boulanger Executive Insights
  • Executive Bios

    Rahul Kanwar

    Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Alternative Assets

    Rahul Kanwar is Senior Vice President of SS&C Technologies Inc. and heads SS&C's Alternative Assets division including hedge, private equity and fund of fund administration globally. He joined SS&C when the company acquired the Eisnerfast LLC fund administration business from Eisner LLP in 2005. At Eisner, Mr. Kanwar was responsible for managing and overseeing Eisnerfast LLC from 1998 onwards. Mr. Kanwar has a BA in accounting from Franklin and Marshall College and is a Certified Public Accountant.

    Rahul Kanwar Executive Insights
  • Executive Bios

    Patrick J. Pedonti

    Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

    Patrick J. Pedonti has served as SS&C's Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer since August 2002 and was Vice President and Treasurer between 1999 and 2002. Prior to joining SS&C, Mr. Pedonti was Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Accent Color Sciences, Inc., a company specializing in high-speed color printing.

    Patrick J. Pedonti Executive Insights
  • Executive Bios

    Paul Igoe

    Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

    Paul Igoe has served as SS&C’s Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary since January 2013. Before that, his roles included Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary for Lydall, Inc., a manufacturer of filtration media and thermal/acoustical products; and Associate General Counsel and Assistant Secretary to Teradyne, Inc., a manufacturer of automatic test equipment for the semiconductor industry.

    Paul Igoe Executive Insights
  • Executive Bios

    David Welling

    Senior Vice President, Managing Director SS&C Advent Advisory

    Dave Welling is Managing Director, Senior Vice President and head of SS&C Advent’s Advisory Market Unit, focused on serving over 2,500 clients who operate as advisors, wealth managers, and high-net-worth asset managers. Mr. Welling joined SS&C in 2015 when the company acquired Advent Software. He joined Advent Software in 2011 when Black Diamond was acquired by Advent. Prior to Advent and Black Diamond, he worked with Charles Schwab in various roles in their advisor custody and 401k businesses. He brings with him 18 years of experience working with the industry’s largest and fastest growing advisory firms. He holds a BA in Economics from Middlebury College and a MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

    David Welling Executive Insights
  • Executive Bios

    Christy Bremner

    Senior Vice President, Institutional and Investment Management

    Christy Bremner serves as Senior Vice President for SS&C’s Institutional and Investment Management division where she has overall responsibility for sales, operations and strategic direction. She joined SS&C in 2012 as Senior Vice President and General Manager of the PORTIA division following its acquisition from Thomson Reuters. She served as President and Global Managing Director of PORTIA at Thomson Reuters from 2007 and prior to that as Chief Operating Officer for the business.

    Christy Bremner Executive Insights
  • Executive Bios

    J. Timothy Reilly

    Senior Vice President, Institutional and Investment Management

    Tim Reilly joined SS&C in June 2013, and serves as Senior Vice President for Institutional and Investment Management. Prior to joining SS&C, Mr. Reilly – a Certified Public Accountant – was a senior financial executive at PwC for almost 28 years, fulfilling key roles in PwC’s local, regional and national markets, most recently as a Market Leader in the PwC Hartford office.

    J. Timothy Reilly Executive Insights
  • Where It All Began

    In 1986 Bill Stone founds a software company, which he calls SS&C Technologies. Thirty years later, that small financial services technology company has evolved into a billion dollar financial services technology and services leader. SS&C's services and software encompass every type of financial services company, in every corner of the world. This is the timeline of how it happened.

    • The Company's original name is Securities Software & Consulting, Inc.
    • SS&C was incorporated as a Connecticut corporation in March, 1986
  • Brokerage Accounting and Sales Support (BASS)

    The first year for SS&C goes well, and the company grows rapidly. In 1987, SS&C brings BASS, an integrated solution for flexible brokerage processing and support, to the marketplace. In late 1987, the stock market crashes and SS&C responds and shifts focus from solutions for retail brokerage firms to institutional asset managers.

  • 38 Employees

    SS&C grows to 38 employees in 1988. Many of SS&C's first clients are based in the northeastern United States. As word of SS&C's success spreads, it becomes apparent to Bill that the company needs to expand, and to expand he needs investors.

  • Complete Asset Management Reporting and Accounting (CAMRA)

    In 1989, SS&C releases CAMRA, which becomes the first client server, relational database investment accounting system for the insurance and asset management industry.

  • First Investors

    In 1990, Conning and General American (now MetLife) invest $4.0 million. SS&C also hosts first annual CAMRA users conference. Later the conference was re-branded to the SS&C Client Summit to address SS&C's growing solution portfolio.

  • SS&C Expands...

    In 1991, SS&C expands and opens offices in Chicago and Los Angeles. FILMS (today called LMS Loan Suite) was introduced at the Mortgage Bankers Conference in Nashville, Tennesee. SS&C adds front-office trading capability to its product portfolio.

    • SS&C launches client newsletter, 'The Developer'
  • New Clients

    In 1992, SS&C grew revenues to $2.8 million in revenue and signed key clients Keyport Life and Liberty Mutual.

  • 89% Increase in Revenues

    Revenues increased 89% over the previous year to $5.8 million. Texas State Education Agency becomes a FILMS client and Guardian Life becomes a CAMRA client.

  • More Investors Join SS&C

    General Atlantic invests $7.0 million in SS&C. They, too, remain clients of SS&C.

  • Application Service Provider

    In 1995, SS&C achieves $18 million dollars in revenues. And that is also the year that SS&C gets into the outsourcing game, delivering full application service provider solutions and services.

    • SS&C acquires Chalke Group - actuarial software and risk analytics software
    • CAMRA for Windows 3.0 was released
  • SS&C Goes Public for the First Time

    The company completes an initial public offering of 3,750,000 shares of common stock on June 5, 1996, of which 723,750 shares are sold by selling stockholders. The IPO raises $71.0 million and goes public at $19 a share.

    • SS&C Technologies, Inc. was the reincorporated name in 1996 right before going public.
  • SS&C Adds Front-Office Capability and Expands Internationally

    SS&C steps up and executes its acquisition strategy, acquiring two businesses in 1997. Expanding its global footprint, SS&C acquires Netherland-based Mabel Systems B.V., based in Amsterdam. The Mabel (now Altair) portfolio management system brings with it clients throughout Europe and the Caribbean. The second acquisition, Shepro Braun Systems (SBS), adds comprehensive front-office capabilities (today it's known as Antares) to complement its existing back-office solutions.

    • SS&C acquires Mabel Systems B.V. - Altair portfolio management system for Benelux market
  • Derivatives... Here We Come!

    Supporting fixed income, equities and other asset types, SS&C expands its coverage and acquires analytics and accounting software for debt and derivatives portfolios, Debt & Derivatives, from The Savid Group.

    • SS&C acquires The Savid Group - middle- and back-office derivatives accounting solution
  • Hedge Funds!

    SS&C boosts its hedge fund software and services with the acquisition of HedgeWare, Inc. (renamed AdvisorWare), adding portfolio and partnership accounting capabilities to its expanding repertoire. Also in 1999, Norm Boulanger, SS&C's current President and Chief Operating Officer, takes over management of SS&C's outsourcing business.

    • SS&C acquires HedgeWare, Inc. - Portfolio, financial partnership and tax accounting platform for hedge funds
  • Y2K

    There is one question posed more than any other in 2000: "Are you ready for Y2K?" SS&C certainly is. The company had formed a Y2K Review Team in 1998 to address the potential impact of Y2K on SS&C. Y2K also marks a significant change from the way financial services companies do business - they don't want to manage and build up back-office operations. ASP is where it's at and SS&C is well-positioned to take advantage of that trend.

  • New Leadership Emerges

    In 2001, Norm Boulanger, is promoted to Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Reporting to Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Bill Stone, he takes over responsibility for sales, marketing, development and services for North America.

    • SS&C acquires Digital Visions - bond accounting, reporting and analytics software
  • The Fab Four

    In 2002, the core management team for SS&C is determined. With Bill Stone and Norm Boulanger in place, Stone adds Stephen V.R. Whitman as Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of SS&C, and promotes Patrick Pedonti to Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

    • SS&C acquires Real-Time USA - web-based fixed income capital markets platform
    • SS&C acquires DBC - municipal finance software
  • $65.5 Million in Revenues - Here We Grow

    SS&C has a high-performing revenue year in 2003. Not only does SS&C achieve record revenues, it hits another high with operating income up 65 percent from the same period in 2002. In Q4, SS&C acquires Curacao-based Amicorp Fund Services, significantly expanding the company's scope in the global hedge market as a fund administrator with both on- and off-shore services.

    • SS&C improves outsourcing revenues in Q4 of 2003 to $3.6 million, a 21 percent increase over the $3.0 million posted in Q3 of 2002
  • Governor Announces SS&C Technologies Financial Accelerator Day!

    Bill Stone and SS&C receive recognition from the State of Connecticut for their support of the UConn School of Business and the school's SS&C Technologies Financial Accelerator, a real-time, real-world laboratory where students and business partners work together to find solutions to market challenges with real market data. Earlier in the year, SS&C completes a secondary offering, selling 4.05 million shares that add $74.4 million to the company's cash position.

  • SS&C Goes Private with The Carlyle Group

    In 2005, in a transaction worth nearly $1 billion, Bill Stone and one of the world's largest private equity firms, The Carlyle Group, successfully take SS&C private. In the same year, SS&C makes several important acquisitions including SS&C's largest acquisition to date, Financial Models, a provider of front-, middle- and back-office solutions. Norm Boulanger is promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer.

    • SS&C acquires Financial Models - investment management software and services
    • SS&C acquires MarginMan - Forex trading solution
  • Surpassing $200 million...

    During 2006, SS&C begins accelerating its strategy for taking a leading place in the hedge fund administration business. The acquisition of Cogent in 2006 and diligent sales efforts result in a growing market share amongst fund administrators, and SS&C rapidly gains recognition for its capabilities. Of particular note, the 2006 HFMWeek Hedge Fund Administrator survey cites SS&C as the fastest-growing administrator among the top ten. Revenues for SS&C in 2006 are $205.5 million.

    • SS&C acquires Cogent Management - fund administration services
    • SS&C acquires Zoologic - financial training and online courseware
  • Outsourcing Momentum...

    SS&C has already been successful in providing outsourcing services, both on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) basis for asset managers, insurance companies, hedge funds and fund of funds. In 2007, SS&C continues its strategy to become a leading services provider and acquires Northport, LLC, a private equity fund administrator.

    • SS&C acquires Northport, LLC - private equity fund administration services
  • The Year of Innovation

    Key innovations are delivered in 2008. SS&C launches a game-changing user-defined attribution platform. Sylvan UDA is the industry's first solution that allows investment professionals to directly import custom attribution models from a spreadsheet into Sylvan. Again, SS&C continues to enjoy success with its outsourcing services - in 2008 General Motors' investment management company (now Promark Advisors) fully outsources $20 billion of its assets to SS&C.

    • SS&C acquires Micro Design Services - wireless trading solutions
  • Market Crashes

    The financial meltdown technically started in 2008, but in 2009 and most of 2010 the next waves continue to come. Bill Stone continues to search for acquisitions to augment SS&C's portfolio. In 2009, four acquisitions are completed: Evare (data aggregation services), MAXIMIS (investment accounting and regulatory reporting software), TheNextRound (private equity software) and Tradeware (broker/dealer solution provider)

  • SS&C Goes Public... Again!

    On March 31st, 2010, SS&C again becomes a public company and trades on the NASDAQ under the ticker SSNC. On June 3, 2010, in honor of the occasion, Bill Stone, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SS&C, rings the Opening Bell. In 2010, SS&C has 1,400 staff in 26 offices around the world, with 5000+ clients that manage more than $16 trillion in assets under management.

    • SS&C acquires TimeShareWare - shared-ownership resort management
    • SS&C SummerWind launches summer concert series
  • Evansville, Indiana

    In 2011, SS&C commits to establishing a fund administration and technology center in Evansville, Indiana. SS&C will invest nearly $4 million to open a new fund administration and technology center in Evansville, Indiana, creating up to 500 jobs.

    • 5th largest fund administrator in North America based on assets under administration
  • SS&C acquires GlobeOp

    In 2012, SS&C acquires GlobeOp, capitalizing on GlobeOp’s market leading middle-office services and full range of "Go Applications." The acquisition is, by value, the largest in SS&C's history at that time, and significant for the fund services industry. The combination of GlobeOp and SS&C created one of the market’s largest independent fund services providers with the ability to provide complete lifecycle capabilities for hedge funds, fund of funds and private equity funds.

    • SS&C launches new corporate brand, logo and corporate slogan
  • SS&C marks one year anniversary of acquisition of PORTIA

    In 2013, SS&C marks one year anniversary of acquisition of PORTIA, leading middle-to-back office platform enabling investment managers to track and manage the day-to-day activity in investment portfolios to support global accounting requirements.

    • Forbes names SS&C is "100 Best Companies List"
  • DST Global Solutions

    In 2014, SS&C expands investment management software and services offering by acquiring DST Global Solutions. DST Global’s products now owned by SS&C include industry-leading investment and fund accounting platform, HiPortfolio®, and investment data management and analytics platform, Anova. The acquisition adds to SS&C’s global footprint adding offices including Melbourne, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Boston.

  • SS&C announces the acquisition of Advent Software

    In 2015, SS&C announces the acquisition of Advent Software, a leading FinTech solutions provider in the asset management and advisory markets. Both SS&C and Advent are leaders in the financial technology space, and have been building portfolio management and accounting applications for the buy-side for nearly 30 years.

    • SS&C also acquires Varden Technologies and Primatics Financial
  • SS&C celebrates 30 years of innovation on March 16, 2016!

    SS&C completes the acquisition of Citi Alternative Investor Services in 2016, creating the second largest fund administrator in the industry.

SS&C Memories

  • “My favorite memory since working at SS&C was when my coworkers and I went on a retreat to Vermont. We worked the second shift, so there were only 4 of us. We hiked Mansfield Mountain, went to the B&J factory, played mini golf, and spent lots of quality time together.”

    – Kate Vear

  • “It has been 7.5 years since my first day at SS&C Technologies Kuala Lumpur. One of remarkable and memorable company event was "Family Day" . Wonderful teams and great team efforts. A day with my fellow colleagues. Cheers!”

    – Murali Subrama

  • “At SS&C, we work hard and we party equally harder. Going down the memory lane at the annual party, where we had fun and get an opportunity to interact with all be it senior management or a team member and showcase our talent outside work.”

    – Sachin Chandak

  • “I started my career with SS&C and soon everyone around me became part of my life. I have celebrated festivals, annual parties, farewell celebrations and also promotion parties with my colleagues. These are more than memories as these team members are now a second family.”

    – Ankit Rajal

  • “One of my favorite memories is our GCS Offsite, which is actually an annually recurring memory. Our offsite is always so well done because of our great Events Team and its the best time for our team to bond and re-connect. ”

    – Aubrey Mathews


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