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Today your customers are choosing enrollment channels based on the medical selection experience. Benefits administrators and Private Health Insurance Exchanges excel at medical enrollment but leave much to be desired when it comes to your offerings for group life, disability and other ancillary coverages. Do your providers understand your guaranteed issue rules? Do they apply them correctly for enrollments and re-enrollments? Can they capture the evidence of insurability (EOI) required using your questionnaires and your state-filed forms?

At SS&C, our customers achieve accurate benefits determination and enable EOI capture by syndicating these services using our BRIX platform. When you choose to syndicate your EOI, you are able to confirm that the enrollment channel is configuring your benefits according to your contracts and you are able to shrink the gap between enrollment and underwriting decisions. Our customers have tripled completion rates and have improved real-time decisions using our solution by 70-90 percent. When you choose to syndicate both enrollment and EOI, you regain control over every aspect of benefit determination and EOI capture. Download our roadmap to learn more.

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