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DBC® Finance

Municipal Finance Structuring and Reporting

Municipal Finance Structuring and Reporting

Issuers juggle many tasks when structuring a new municipal bond issue. DBC Finance is an industry-leading structuring and reporting software application for municipal finance. It enables underwriters, financial advisors, issuers and bond counsel to solve bond issues, calculate debt service and perform refunding analyses.

DBC Finance sizes and structures bond issues, calculates debt service, performs refunding analyses and is backed by the best support team in the business.

"solve bond issues, calculate debt service and perform refunding analyses"

It is composed of four seamlessly integrated modules: Debt/Size, Refund, Monitor and Project Finance.

  • Debt/Size models bond issues for all bond types, expenses, and project, CAPI and reserve funds, and calculates TIC, NIC and arbitrage yield.
  • Refund links the refunding series, the bonds to be refunded, and the escrow parameters. It sizes the refunding issue and generates refunding escrows. Escrows are solved using linear optimization and can include both SLGS and open market securities (OMS).
  • Monitor evaluates and ranks refunding candidates based on the present value of the savings. Candidates that have met the minimum selection criteria may be transferred to the Refund module for more in-depth savings analysis.
  • Project Finance analyzes interdependent projects for bonds under a common plan of finance. Examples include combined new money and refunding issues, phased-in and pooled financings.


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