Return Mail and Last Known Address Solution

Now you can automate your labor-intensive and costly return mail process, and locate current or former clients with AddressScreener. SS&C’s hosted solution optimizes productivity and accuracy while minimizing delivery delays and costs.

Address Screener is simple, flexible and functional:

Easy-to use
Using a PC with Internet access, authorized employees enter a customer’s social security number or returned mail address. Enter up to 36 social security numbers at a time or upload a bulk file. If the address is accepted, the label is instantly formatted and sent to a print queue for label printing

Accurate Information
Address Screener searches SS&C’s data source to find the last known address, The user can select other data sources to continue the search, if desired.

Highly secure with No investment to make in hardware or software
Three security levels — Administrator/Supervisor/General User For additional security, utilize pre-defined IP addresses and limit access by time of day. EI3PA audited annually.

Customizable features
Enables you to update your legacy system automatically or streamline workflow requirements for added functionality. Sort results by date, application or status, Search feature displays up to 250 records at a time. Generate address labels immediately or hold in printing queue until page is full.

Automated processing yields fast, accurate management reports including:
Listings of new addresses by reference number and data source. Previously pulled reports can be retrieved by client, group or department for the past 30, 60 or 90 days, Completed transaction report lists the details of each label printed