Advanced Components Architecture

Custom Development Services

Managing a successful financial markets business is a challenge in today’s volatile market climate. Trading across all asset classes has reached unprecedented levels of complexity. Best-in-class technology is essential for firms to keep pace with evolving marketing conditions and increasing demands from both customers and regulators. Most “off the shelf” products are inflexible, lacking the ability to integrate with other technologies or adapt to changing business needs. This is why SS&C specializes in designing bespoke products and services using our Advanced Components Architecture (ACA).

ACA is supported by a robust set of service capabilities which aid the development of customized, critical trading and support solutions for exchanges, brokerages and financial institutions. With ACA, our clients can cut the traditional system delivery process in half. This is because SS&C is able to reuse core technology of components as building blocks for a unique solution. Our commitment to customized solutions is why our innovative trading technology solutions are leveraged by some of the largest equity, option and future exchanges throughout the U.S., as well as many brokerages and financial institutions.

Robust capabilities to develop customized trading and support solutions

Industry-proven transaction processor
Performs real-time transactions and safe-stores data.

Versatile FIX routing engine
Provides rules-based routing.

Interface Gateways
Enables integration of key market data and third party applications.

Agile rules engine
Capable of executing hierarchical tasks.

Rapid Software Development
Collaborative and iterative design and development approach that includes client input along the entire process.

Bespoke solution
Experienced software engineers and financial markets business analysts will effectively evaluate business needs and existing platforms, then design state-of-the-art solutions.

Systems Integration and connectivity
Expertize across a wide set of technology, including Java, C, Windows, UNIX, Linux, Sybase and Oracle.

Wireless Network Engineering
Design and implementation experience across 802.11, WiFi and RFID.