Benefits Real-time Information Exchange

SS&C's BRIX is a functionally rich employee benefits administration platform that optimizes the entire enrollment and administration process for maximum ease of use and employee participation. With BRIX you can offer your plan sponsor clients and their employees access to today’s most flexible and intuitive employee benefits solution. BRIX makes it easy to differentiate your firm, build more consultative relationships with your plan sponsor clients and increase client retention. 

BRIX is used by some of the largest carriers, brokers and private health insurance exchanges in the U.S. to deploy new services, new products and innovative employee benefits solutions. Some have built their own proprietary user experience and others have used our configuration tools to private-label our out-of-the-box portals. When you use BRIX as the "engine" for your benefits administration service offering together with our new consumer Portal, you can:

  • Deliver an enrollment solution perfectly tailored to your plan sponsor clients’ unique requirements.
  • Integrate core, group, voluntary, and worksite employee benefits into one seamless enrollment experience while ensuring compliance with complex plan design rules.
  • Offer self-service and/or assisted enrollment support for annual events, new hires, and perpetual enrollments; optionally provide year-round full benefits administration capabilities.
  • Provide multi-line or even multi-carrier consolidated premium invoice calculation and presentment to groups and individuals, with flexible configuration of the invoice grouping to meet each plan sponsor’s needs.
  • Capture evidence of insurability (EOI) as needed using our Online EOI tool, ensuring that the proper questions from the appropriate state-specific EOI form(s) based on the coverages pended for evidence.
  • Configure and maintain the system without IT overhead; BRIX was built to be operated by business users, without need for IT involvement in the set-up and operation of the system.

For Your Plan Sponsor Clients

BRIX frees your client’s HR department from many of the administrative burdens caused by annual enrollment, new hire, and ongoing life events, allowing more time for strategic planning to attract and retain the best employees for its business. You can:

  • Automate annual enrollment tasks with BRIX online enrollment; easily offer split enrollments by benefit type as needed by your client.
  • Free up the HR department from paperwork with a streamlined, automated platform, using BRIX intuitive Benefits Administrator Portal.
  • Create workflows and notifications for work- and life-event changes with the BRIX Life Events Management engine, including automatic changes for certain events such as employee terminations, dependent age-outs, and salary increases.
  • Inform employees about the total cost of benefits, including employer-paid portions, with benefit confirmation statements.
  • Prepare consolidated premium billing across all products and carriers or offer carrier- or plan-specific invoices, based on your clients’ needs.
  • Produce personalized enrollment forms for each employee to complete off-line when an online solution is not the right fit.

BRIX Cloud Deployment Option

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
Let us host the BRIX platform in our Data Center, reducing your deployment and maintenance costs. Here, the employees, the plan sponsor, or benefit service provider accesses the application over the Internet through a secure web browser connection. Our straightforward pricing structure allows our clients to use the powerful BRIX system, without the installation and upfront costs of installing the system at their location.