Benefits Real-time Information eXchange

BRIX is an employee benefits administration platform that consolidates all of an employee benefit service provider's customer information into one database. It is built using widely accepted web technologies and enables employee and manager self-service of annual enrollment, new hire enrollment and ongoing life events for Core, Group, Voluntary and Worksite benefit plans.

Employee Benefit Service Providers

Differentiate your firm, build a more consultative client relationship, and increase retention with BRIX. With BRIX as the "engine" for your benefits administration service offering,  you will be providing your clients access to one of the most intuitive, flexible and powerful platforms available.

  • Quickly implement customers of all sizes using sophisticated case setup tools.
  • Configure complex plan design rules with an easy-to-use intuitive interface, built for business users, without need for IT.
  • Centralize your Customer information within a single, secure database.
  • Automate and streamline work- and life-event notifications to capitalize on sales and services opportunities.

For Your Plan Sponsor Customers

Don't replace administrative overhead with IT overhead. BRIX was built to be operated by business users, with no need for IT involvement in the set-up, maintenance and operation of the system. Your Customer’s HR department will be freed of the administrative burdens caused by annual enrollment, new hire and ongoing life events allowing more time for strategic planning to attract and retain the best employees for their business.

  • Automate annual enrollment tasks with BRIX's online enrollment.
  • Free up the HR department from paperwork with a streamlined, automated platform.
  • Create workflows and notifications for work- and life-event changes with the BRIX Life Events Management tool.
  • Perform "Hidden Paycheck" analysis with benefit statements.
  • Prepare consolidated premium billing across all products and carriers.
  • Electronically interchange or pre-populate enrollment forms for easy printing.

BRIX Deployment

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
Let SS&C host the BRIX platform in the SS&C Data Center, reducing your deployment and maintenance costs. Here, the employees, the Plan Sponsor or benefit service provider accesses the application over the Internet through a secure web browser connection. The “per employee per month” pricing structure allows clients to use the powerful BRIX system, without the installation and upfront costs of installing the system at their location.