Common Depository Manager

Automated Intermediary Processing between Issuers and the International Central Securities Depository Clearing Systems

Common Depository Manager acts as a link between the agent and Euroclear and Clearstream to facilitate a wide variety of transactions such as conversions, transfers from 144A to Reg-S, mark-up and mark-down of new securities, and issuance of new tranches.

Common Depository Manager key features:

Encompasses Multiple Primary Functions
Facilitates the closing of the new issuances, holds the global note on behalf of Euroclear and Clearstream, monitors for corporate actions, and claims interest and maturity proceeds from the Paying Agent for subsequent payment to the ICSDs

Functional Support
Marking securities up/down, rate notifications, safekeeping, income and payment processing, tax and compliance reporting, reconciliation and client reporting.

New Issuance Types
Syndicated closings for bonds, global depository receipts (GDRs), warrants, syndicated medium term notes, as well as non-syndicated closings for medium term notes, certificates of deposit and euro commercial paper.