Web-Based Platform for Obtaining and Storing Credit Reports

Extending credit while ensuring the credit-worthiness of your customers is vital to success. Every extension of credit should be supported by accurate and reliable information. CreditScreener offers a fast, secure, and user-friendly way to retrieve credit repository information. A valuable tool for all lenders, CreditScreener can be customized to meet your business needs and accelerate your key business processes.

CreditScreener Features:

Complete just one form online to access as much credit information as needed, no faxing or re-keying of credit applications. Access all credit repositories, including commercial credit bureaus, store applications and credit reports online, generate letters of declination and management reports to track your company’s activity, all for a low fee per transaction.

Highest level of Security
Security provided through a multi-level framework, password and firewall protection and intrusion detection, user access to sensitive information can be controlled to prevent off-hours access and abuse. EI3PA audited annually.

Convenient web-based architecture
The application can be used from any Internet connection and web browser. No software upgrades or monthly software maintenance fees. Reduced stress/demand on IT department.

Customize CreditScreener
Interface with your existing legacy system Direct access to credit bureaus and other databases for fast and essential information Customizable fields to simplify data entry and customizable report formatting to meet your specific needs, with White labeling available. Import and export files and credit information from our servers to yours.