Custom Mobility Solutions

Mobile Financial Applications

As the demands of the financial markets business continue to grow, so too does your need for information via your mobile device or PDA. SS&C's expertise in designing and developing mobility solutions for the financial markets, coupled with our deep understanding of the importance of mobile and wireless technology, have allowed us to design a mobility platform that meets your current and future information needs.

WIth Custom Mobility Solutions, SS&C can furnish you with a secure, customizable and infinitely flexible platform for all your mobile and wireless information needs.

Its state-of-the-art features include:

Data collection gateway
Provides a universally customizable interface to multiple data sources, allowing effortless storage and distribution of data to attached mobile devices.

Mobile distribution processor
Manages all inbound data then articulates it for retrieval and distribution to a multitude of mobile devices, among them Blackberry, iPhone, Motorola, Palm and Nokia.

Mobile device gateway
that manages and maintains all sessions from connecting mobile devices.

Secure network layer
Protects all data passing between the mobile devices and the MDDP, utilizing a standard TLS implementation of certificate negotiations.

Ability to mobilize mission-critical applications to your mobile device
Among them enterprise applications such as trade order management, portfolio management and risk management systems).

Customized GUI display of key market data and financial news
Supports both ink and text messaging.