EVOLV is designed to eliminate your manual muck and provide transparency, integration, and continuous real-time automation of your loan portfolio.

EVOLV is a proven, scalable platform that automates finance and risk processes and enables the resulting reporting and analytics to be leveraged across a financial institution. Its end-to-end solutions solve today's banking problems and provide a framework designed to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

EVOLV is a comprehensive solution for financial institutions. It provides cutting-edge software and advanced support for end-to-end risk and finance processes, from data to functions to analytics, all integrated on one enterprise platform. EVOLV is the only solution on the market that integrates risk and finance capabilities across data, functions, and analytics.

Integrated Risk and Finance Solution for Loans:

Our software solution automates processes, enables compliance with changing regulations, and provides accurate data analysis that improves real-time decision-making, ultimately enhancing your bottom line.

Loan Accounting & Forecasting
Many financial institutions employ spreadsheets and manual processes because their core banking systems do not address all loan accounting and reporting needs. EVOLV automates it all and keeps it all in one place.

Credit & Reserving
Credit administration groups must upgrade their system capabilities to support more complex requirements and better serve downstream users of the results.

CECL Readiness
The Current Expected Credit Loss Standard (CECL) from the Financial Accounting Standards Board will impact financial institutions’ end-to-end reserving processes. EVOLV makes the transition a non-event. We are best positioned to address your end-to-end CECL needs.

Bank Stress Testing
EVOLV puts all models, all scenarios, all assumptions, all results on one platform that’s fully integrated with downstream accounting and reporting capabilities.

The Integrated Risk and Finance Solution features:

Better decision-making through more advanced analytics and elimination of time-consuming processing steps.

Enables more automated and defensible compliance of critical current and future regulations across financial institutions.

Through the integration of data, applications, and analytics, greatly consolidates and/or eliminates need for point solutions, hand-offs, reconciliations, manual steps, etc.

Enables financial institutions to quickly adapt to changing strategies and to scale operations quickly and efficiently.