Finesse HD

Actuarial Software for Property Casualty Insurance Companies

Bring the principles of dynamic modeling to the complex environment of property/casualty insurance. Finesse HD is a powerful financial simulation tool designed for actuaries to balance the dynamics of financial accounting, economic value and risk management.

Finesse HD is an analysis tool that measures, compares and graphically presents the impact of business and economic uncertainties. It allows managers to test the financial outcome and quantify the risk and likelihood of success of proposed strategies or transactions, in advance, under thousands of business scenarios. Using Finesse HD™, a property/casualty insurer can better improve its financial strength and risk management.

With Finesse HD, you can:

  • Integrate your operations by incorporating cash flow, income statement, balance sheet and business metrics, while at the same time considering the dynamic relationships among these financial elements.
  • Present probabilistic results using Risk Bands, a powerful presentation tool that depicts the expected value together with various confidence intervals around the mean.
  • Benefit from extensive "what if" analysis, allowing you to explore metrics from any forward year, on a probabilistic basis, and have the ability to alter or research growth rates, loss ratios, interest rates, catastrophe losses, capital structure, shareholder dividends, competition or any other parameter.
  • Store results of all experiments in an interactive and intuitive format that is easily accessible for further exploration and analysis by using a single dynamic platform.