Global Wealth Platform – For Global Wealth Management

GWP, SS&C’s flexible, modular-based global wealth management platform helps wealth managers increase data accuracy, reduce costs and take on more funds without increasing operational headcount. It supports all asset classes and portfolio types, providing you with maximum flexibility to manage your business.

Our wealth management services have been designed to power the heart of any successful investment operation. We have added elements from SS&C’s existing industry-leading software to make the system a secure, accessible wealth management solution. It supports a wide range of investment requirements including tax, accounting and investment practices and reporting.

Investment Management Software for Wealth Managers

GWP’s modular-based design is intuitive to the wealth management industry. Its enhanced workflow design and point and click functionality makes navigation more instinctual and accessible for all types of users.

Our global wealth management platform boasts upfront investment analytics to support individual mandate analysis and portfolio construction. It also provides advanced transaction processing to drive comprehensive and robust accounting and reporting processes. GWP’s technology and design allows you to automate business processes. This means you will spend less time on manual processing and needless duplication.

Industry leading wealth management software features include:

A zero footprint deployment model
GWP is an out-of-the-box Manager/Advisor Desktop wealth management solution for internal and external participants.

Full multi-currency wealth management accounting system
This is integrated with corporate action processing and full analytics for all security types including mutual funds.

Advance analytics capabilities
Our analytics modules uses unique investor rebalance profiles to automate account management.

Comprehensive trading module
Control trading flows and executions and leverage robust compliance checking.

Accounting and Reporting
Advanced transaction processing engine that drives the comprehensive and robust accounting processes.

Workflow Design
Our investment management software includes a variety of features that enhance workflow and improve operational efficiency.

Integrated Securities
With the use of SS&C’s SVC, your global wealth management solution can automatically provide integrated securities pricing and fundamental data updates sourced from exchanges and data providers all over the world.

Completely customizable
All or individual functions can be fully outsourced as a BPO service.

To discover how your investment operation could benefit from SS&C’s best in class investment management software, contact us.