Cross-Border Trade Execution & Settlement Service

Broker-dealers are under increasing pressure to offer their institutional clients access to global markets. However, global trading on any sizable scale is cost-prohibitive for most broker-dealers because of traditional cross-border clearing and settlement processes. GlobalX from SS&C is a neutral global broker-to-broker network that enables its members to conduct cross-border trading on an agency basis with the same efficiencies as brokers in the local markets.

GlobalX offers simplified, integrated cross-border trade execution and settlement without the regulatory burdens and costs typically associated with cross-border access. This enables broker-dealers to offer their institutional clients a reliable anonymous global DMA, regardless of their size and capital structure.

Benefit from simplified, integrated cross-border trade execution and settlement

Low operational and management costs
GlobalX is the only cost-effective alternative to correspondent clearing for pure agency trading.

Expand your reach
Hub-and-spoke Care, DMA and Algo access to brokers in over 80 countries.

Simple to use
Access more than 100 equity markets in more than 80 countries from a single point of origin.

Minimized counterparty risk
Agency trades have less chance of failure.

Full trading and settlement support
24-hour trade matching standard.

Protected and secure
Provides complete anonymity for institutional investors.

Backed by FIXLink connectivity network
Supports FIX connections with all major buy-side trading platforms and network providers.