Data Visualization Dashboard

Professional traders, analysts, asset managers and senior management require consolidated and simplified views of information to make decisions. Heatmaps is comprehensive data visualization software that organizes data by displaying large amounts of real-time financial market information in easy-to-interpret color-coded results.

Heatmaps are dynamic visual data displays of real-time market and proprietary database content. Using Heatmaps you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to analyze, navigate and understand your data. Its proprietary technology enables companies to use existing information systems to become "real-time enterprises" – organizations that are able to react instantaneously to change – and manage information overload.

Heatmaps enables you to:

  • Seamlessly consolidate data obtained from a market data vendor, database or web site, and leverage grouping and sorting capabilities.
  • Combine with holdings information from SS&C's Antares™ trade order management system to obtain current market values, profit and loss, and fund impact information.
  • Accelerate your decision-making with powerful dashboard technology, use visualization techniques and structure actions based on time-sensitive opportunities or alerts.
  • Perform real-time calculations such as profit/loss and market performance. Use benchmark referencing to expose relative performance.
  • Fully customize displays, content and analytics or leverage the library of hundreds of Heatmaps templates.