HiPortfolio is the award-winning investment accounting and asset servicing solution which supports investment management operations. HiPortfolio has been chosen by third-party administrators (TPAs), asset managers and insurance firms in more than 35 countries who count on its ability to deal with local, regional and global processing requirements to successfully manage and automate their investment operations.


HiPortfolio has broad instrument coverage and an unrivalled depth of transaction processing to manage the full investment transaction lifecycle from trade capture, investment accounting and fund administration, cash management, reconciliation, corporate actions processing, unit pricing and taxation through to performance measurement and attribution.

HiPortfolio delivers your investment operation

Investment accounting and tax processing:

  • Trade capture and investment accounting capabilities for an ever expanding range of asset classes and fund structures
  • Comprehensive investment accounting supporting local and global accounting methodologies
  • Full multi-currency general ledger with rules engine to auto-post entries to a user-definable account structure
  • Extensive derivatives accounting support to rapidly respond to new investment strategies
  • Taxation support with the flexibility to accommodate computation and reporting requirements in multiple jurisdictions

Asset servicing capabilities:

  • Corporate actions automation covering the full lifecycle of an event from announcement capture to entitlement generation
  • Trade confirmation and settlement capabilities to automate post trade processing
  • Unit pricing automation and control, flexible and scalable NAV calculation and exceptions management capability
  • Compliance allowing investment guidelines, restrictions and exposure limits to be monitored at individual or groups level
  • Performance enabling integrated performance measurement, attribution and analytics

Exceptions management and operational controls:

  • Exceptions management support via an event driven framework providing operational alerts and system notifications
  • Business intelligence capabilities provide visualization of operational data via dashboards for control and reporting