Streamline and automate operations with an investment accounting solution supporting all assets

MAXIMIS is a modern web-based investment accounting platform that streamlines, automates, and simplifies investment operations and regulatory and management reporting. Achieve a single, consolidated accounting book of record through complete global asset coverage, including extensive custom support for derivatives, limited partnerships, syndicated loans and other alternative investments.

Benefits of the MAXIMIS solution:

  • Comprehensive, rules-driven investment accounting engine on a responsive web platform – MAXIMIS is designed for flexibility and scalability, providing custom accounting for your investments now and as you grow and diversify.
  • Immediate access to investment information – With a business-oriented, open database architecture, MAXIMIS provides quick and easy access to your data.
  • Centralized management and statutory reporting – MAXIMIS provides the right data for stakeholders and regulatory bodies when and where you need it.
  • Unlimited accounting bases – Configure accounting rules by basis with out-of-the-box support for GAAP, STAT, Tax, IFRS, and JGAAP. Create new country-specific bases for local reporting requirements.
  • Engaged community of users – On weekly calls and in annual user conferences, MAXIMIS clients share best practices for implementing new functionality and network on accounting and regulatory guidance, evolving investment mixes and other issues impacting their operations.