Investment Accounting & Regulatory Reporting Solution

SS&C's Investment Management and Accounting solution (MAXIMIS) for the global investment management marketplace allows investment operations to meet the ever-changing requirements of insurers.

MAXIMIS is a real-time, intranet-enabled application that is both robust and scalable. With its unique database architecture and data-driven technology design, MAXIMIS offers the flexibility you need.

The MAXIMIS solution provides an extensive range of functions and data access within all key investment disciplines including:

  • Portfolio analysis
  • Investment management
  • Trade processing
  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Cash processing with suspense and tolerances
  • Multi-basis accounting
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Operations and analysis
  • Inquiries and reports

In addition, it fully supports domestic and international securities trading.

A distinguishing feature of MAXIMIS is its ability to track derivatives. This feature can be of great advantage to insurers looking to broaden their portfolio of services.

With MAXIMIS, you benefit from:

  • Scalable and flexible architecture that helps you match present and future business needs with flexible delivery options, including license and ASP.
  • Real-time, two-way global market connectivity when accessing and collecting data.
  • A single, consolidated book of record for all asset types including derivatives, syndicated loans, mortgage loans, and distressed debt across your entire enterprise, which eliminates the need for multiple databases, corresponding data redundancies, gaps and endless reconciliations.
  • A comprehensive accounting and reporting system that incorporates multiple accounting methodologies and reporting levels, and fully auditable data and robust multi-currency processing.