MarketLook Information Systems

Messaging System for Traders and Floor Brokers

Up-to-date, trustworthy data is essential for Traders to make beneficial business decisions. One of the many sources that informs Traders’ actions is the NYSE trading floor. SS&C’s MarketLook Information System (MLIS) enables your trading team to gain maximum value from this source, allowing them to use NYSE floor brokers to access market information.

MarketLook Information System provides Traders with a web-based messaging interface to the NYSE’s Booth system and Wireless Hand-Held Computers. This allows Traders to request and receive Realtime Market Information direct from their brokers on the floor. With MLIS, you get the information you need, when you need it, to make decisions that can reduce risk and improve your trading.

Communicate directly to the NYSE trading floor in real time

Intuitive interface
System is easy to use and requires virtually no training. It can be configured to suit each individual user's specific trading interest and needs.

Flexible delivery options
Choose between a web-based or customer hosted service, with the option to receive it on a white-label basis for your specific firm and customer base.

Fast implementation
Efficient delivery that can have you online in as little as 24 hours.

Compliance archiving
Industry-standard file format (RFC 2822) capture and storage that helps your firm comply with SEC requirements for message storage and retrieval.

Extensive messaging capabilities
Support for text and Ink messaging. Send “Requests for Looks” directly to floor brokers and receive “Market Look Reponses” and updates.