MiFIR Reporting

It’s a whole new reporting world for investment firms. In January, 2018, the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) and the new MiFIR regulation will come into effect. MiFIR will require increased reporting, including daily transaction reporting, a wider range of reportable instruments, and additional fields to be reported.

SS&C GlobeOp Helps You Navigate the New Reporting World

MiFIR mandates that all transactions be reported daily, or no later than the close of the following workday. SS&C GlobeOp via an Approved Reporting Mechanism helps you meet that mandate, effectively and efficiently. We expertly help you navigate MiFIR reporting regulations by skilfully integrating middle office technologies and processes. Our solutions are robust, accurate, seamless, and timely.


SS&C provides Regulatory solutions to 400+ clients and growing (across PF, PQR, FATCA, EMIR,AIFMD etc.) servicing ~900 funds and > $ 1 trillion RAUM each quarter deep analytical resource, group size 60+ and growing.

SS&C supports adaptability and full transparency. It reduces IT work in preparing and formatting of data to match set specifications and/or changing specifications. It entails lower processing cost as we provide a hub for multiple regulatory solutions.

SS&C provides a range of technical skill-sets covering regulatory initiatives. Integrates with minimal impact to your business. SS&C provides business and technical resources to address the regulatory implementation.

SS&C leverages the middle office processes and technologies to ensure the transaction has the same level of audit and oversight as one would send the trades for settlement. SS&C reconciles, enriches and validates data before reporting.