Money Market Manager – M3

Web-Based Short-Term Issuance Money Market Processing, including Setup, ECN Support, Accounting, Trading, Interest Accruals, Payments, and Reporting

Money Market Manager (M3) processes over 90 percent of the daily U.S. commercial paper and medium-term note market. M3 has led the industry with several innovations, among them being the first to communicate with the DTCC’s MMI system using MQ, automating the resetting of variable rate MTNs tied to any index, and automatically splitting and tracking transactions greater than $50 million.

Money Market Manager features:

Commercial paper, medium-term note, and certificate of deposit accounting, ECN support, interest accruals, OFAC reporting, and generation of monthly billing calculations and reports.

Easy to use
Quick and simple setup and maintenance for reference information and new customer, program or issuer, as well as entering, approving, modifying or voiding trades.

Real-time transaction and system monitors
Vault processing and inventory control limit checking. Payments on interest and principal, variable rate note support, full and partial prepayments and death puts, transfers, splits and consolidations, escheatment and security identifier generation.

Support of multiple direct issuer formats
MQ/series links to DTCC for PIM, EPIM and MMI as well as automated links to DTCC for PORS, PAMM and other functions. Links to third-party systems for DDA, wires, EFT and billing applications.