OATS Consolidator

Full-service OATS Compliance Solution

SS&C Financial Markets Group (FMG) is a leading provider of OATS related services to broker-dealers trading in the U.S. As a FINRA-certified Transmitting and Reporting Order Sending Organization (OSO), SS&C FMG is currently providing transmitting services for more than 90 member firms. These services include our unique OATS Consolidator service for desks with multiple trading systems, as well as our OATS Reporting Service.

SS&C FMG has been in the business of providing OATS services to broker-dealers for nearly a decade. We have a profound understanding of trading and order management systems, as well as expert knowledge of the intricacies of OATS compliance regulations. This expertize allows us to provide our clients with a full-service OATS compliance solution that encompasses business process exploration, technology implementation and post-implementation monitoring and support.

Access a full range of OATS compliance solutions

Reporting for dually listed securities
As a part of our OATS Reporting solutions, SS&C offers support for OATS reporting for dually listed securities. SS&C identifies which transactions are reportable based on FINRA’s daily list of dually-listed securities, applies the appropriate currency conversion to report transactions in U.S. dollars and submits them to FINRA on the client’s behalf.

Data Retention: Redundant Infrastructure
SS&C stores up to seven years of reported data, with ready access to the last three years of data.

High-speed OATS Generator
SS&C’s OATS Generator is able to take in standard and custom formatted data and has the ability to detect erroneous data, to exclude it prior to submission and to apply corrective actions at a macro level in the case of a resubmission.

Broker-neutral consolidator
SS&C’s broker-neutral solution provides an accurate OATS reporting process for broker-dealers using multiple trading systems.