PortPro Investment Center

Fixed-Income Portfolio Accounting, Reporting and Analytics, as well as Institutional Asset/Liability Management

Portfolio accounting is becoming more and more complex, with regulatory reporting, auditing requirements, and the need for up-to-date, accurate information for both the asset and liability sides of your balance sheet. The PortPro line of Internet-based information tools helps financial institutions effectively measure, analyze, and manage balance sheets and investment portfolios.

The PortPro Investment Center consists of two cloud-based accounting and reporting tools: PortPro Bond Accounting and Analytics, and PortPro Asset Liability Management Service (PALMS). The PortPro Investment Center provides financial institutions of all sizes with a fully integrated web-based portfolio accounting solution for both sides of the balance sheet.

PortPro Bond Accounting

Delivers comprehensive fixed-income securities portfolio accounting and reporting online, and includes advanced Portfolio Analytics. PortPro Analytics offers an affordable and easy-to-use solution to effectively manage and analyze investment portfolios, including standard month-end analytics reports as well as on-demand web-based analytics tools, featuring user-defined rate shocks.

PortPro Asset/Liability Management Service (PALMS)

Provides asset/liability management services, developed exclusively online, for a cost-effective solution to manage balance sheets more efficiently and accurately. PALMS provides detailed analysis to evaluate the impact of a specific asset or liability on your balance sheet. Review reports on-demand from your desktop, and perform real-time simulations to predict the effects of new products or rate and volume changes prior to making investment decisions. The flexibility of user-defined rate shocks provides analysis of risk in any potential market condition.

PortPro's world-class suite of web-based tools offers:

Bond accounting, interest rate risk monitoring, investment portfolio analytics and asset/liability management tools.

web-based solution
Allows you to view and print detail and graphical summary reports, import and export data, and analyze investment alternatives and model multiple swap scenarios.

Comprehensive reporting features
Including detailed accounting, management summary, graphical presentation, budget planning and market valuation reports. All reports are generated at your desktop on demand, with batch processing on any desired schedule.

On-demand analytics, including user-defined rate shock scenarios with ramping features, swap scenarios, drill-down asset/liability management simulations and more, online.

Enter buys, sells, calls and pledge/safekeeping activity with minimal data entry. Security master information, including price, factor, rate, and call updates from industry leading data proviers.