SS&C Direct

Middle and Back Office Outsourcing Services for Investment Management

Focus on developing your core business, not your IT infrastructure. SS&C provides services for middle and back office outsourcing services and application software hosting to a range of industries, among them asset management, insurance companies and real estate investment trusts (REITs). Deployment of these services is as flexible and efficient as the services themselves.

SS&C Direct answers the outsourcing needs of the insurance, asset management and REIT industries, tailoring solutions for your unique needs. These include account administration, asset valuation, compliance processing, data gathering, investment accounting and valuation, performance measurement, reconciliation, regulatory reporting and statement generation. Our deployment options are equally flexible: you can choose from software as a service (SaaS), full outsourcing (BPO), or blended outsourcing.

By turning to SS&C Direct for your outsourcing requirements, you benefit from:

  • A 24x7x365 global processing infrastructure, with two primary data centers (in the U.S. and Canada) that hold SAS70 and 5900 audited status and have passed Sarbanes-Oxley guidelines.
  • The robust scalability and flexibility of SS&C's complex infrastructure, which can effortlessly support your requirements as your business grows and diversifies.
  • Extensive in-house expertise in securities accounting, derivatives accounting and fund administration.
  • Access to SS&C's best of breed software, including CAMRA™, Debt & Derivatives™, Sylvan™, Pages™, Recon™ and SSCNet™, as well as our processing infrastructure and connectivity.