Post-Trade Communication Network

Factors such as a lack of systems integration, little external connectivity, limited IT resources and an incompatibility of data formats have a negative impact on the post-trade communications process. These factors cause inefficiencies that waste time and money while increasing risk. Firms can overcome these challenges with SSCNet, a global trade network that links investment managers, broker/dealers, custodians and interested parties, facilitating STP (straight through processing) and reducing operational risk.

SSCNet's hosted service is available 24/7 on a highly secure platform. It enables parties to send and receive post-trade data in industry standard or proprietary formats and code conventions. With SSCNet, you can virtually automate the entire post-trade communication process. Features such as SSCNet’s real-time message-based system enable the automated communication and identification of trade discrepancies to reduce risk and costs. Best of breed encryption and communication protocols ensure your data is secure. These security features are supported by annual independent audit reviews and strict internal guidelines further guaranteeing data and communication security.

Leverage the capabilities of the industry’s most trusted Post-trade Communication Network

Trade communication automation
Streamline the settlement process and reduce the operational risks and costs associated with manual processing.

Minimal IT investment
Users access the software via an intuitive web-based interface; no need to invest in a costly technological infrastructure.

A network of networks
Eliminate the need for costly middleware and automatically translate proprietary message formats into industry-standard formats, including 15022, ISITC and FIX.

Security and business continuity
Hosted by SS&C and available worldwide on a 24/7 basis on a highly secure platform.

Improve STP Rates
By bringing together real-time messaging, a web-based XML architecture and local and central matching capabilities, SSCNet achieves a new level of post-trade communication efficiency.

Supports Industry Standard Message Types
SSCNet accommodates all critical trade data elements, including settlement location, currency, instrument type and broker participant.

Uses Existing Data Conventions for Quick Start-Up Time
Participants gain the efficiency of transmitting information using their own code conventions while recipients receive transactions data containing their own preferred code conventions.

Local and Central Matching Capabilities
SS&C provides the ultimate flexibility to use central or local matching. Participants can choose the preferred match model and criteria with tolerances based on how parties communicate with each other.