SS&C Varden - eReportal Enterprise

Enterprise client communications for critical financial insights anytime, anywhere

SS&C Varden transforms how you communicate information and insights. Our comprehensive eReportal solution helps you manage your entire enterprise reporting workflow, from flexibly aggregating data from disparate sources and customizing content layouts to tightening audit controls and automating report distribution in print and online.


Improve Client Relations
Now more than ever, investors expect enhanced transparency on their investments anytime, anywhere. SS&C Varden helps fulfill print and on-demand access to key investment insights, across multiple devices and channels. Investment managers around the world use the solution to enhance their service offering and scale with their evolving business requirements.

Focus your critical resources on servicing your clients and growing your business. Use eReportal for the rest.

eReportal streamlines the design and production of critical reports; integrates with third party source systems to obtain data; customizes and aggregates data elements; automates key functions and fixes errors in batch production cycles to create ad-hoc client and prospect presentations; and delivers output in various formats.

Reduce the administrative overhead associated with generating client reports. Our reporting solution enables you to improve your production process by intelligently enhancing automation with threshold and tolerance checks, automated validation processes, and comprehensive , customizable audited workflow models.


Our web-based monitoring and notification module, Matrix reduces trading errors and improves workflow and operational efficiency. It provides centralized oversight of your key operational workflows and data infrastructure. This ensures risk tolerances, thresholds, and reconciliations are addressed consistently and comprehensively. Matrix provides a powerful user interface to customize data queues and apply business rules to efficiently access and monitor core data and processes across multiple sources.


Today’s investors require access to reports and data in a format that allows them to interact with content to gain deeper insight. xPortal is a highly configurable publication and self-service portal that makes content management, publication, and creating customized interfaces easy and efficient.