Web-Based Background Screening for Credit, Criminal background, Eviction and more

Tenant/Employment Screener is a web-based solution designed for both tenant and employment screening companies to accelerate and improve the applicant screening process. Employers or property managers visit your privately-labeled web site and submit their applications to you. Your investigator then accesses credit bureau repositories and other online databases like DMV records and criminal records. Once the background investigation is marked as complete, your client is notified via email and can log back in to your site and review the completed investigation report.

Tenant/Employment Screener speeds the screening process for you by eliminating paper and manually intensive processes. Report files can be stored and edited at any time to make changes or additions, or to check the status of an application.

SS&C’s Tenant/Employment Screener solution is designed exclusively for background screening companies, enabling them to automate and accelerate their application screening and investigation process.

Key Benefits:

Using a web browser, your client submits an application via your customized Tenant/Employment Screener website. Your investigator reviews the application and automatically accesses requested services. Letters requesting confirmations, such as previous tenancy and employment, are prepared with a few easy keystrokes. Prospective files are stored while other aspects of the investigation are made, allowing access at any time to make changes and additions or to review its status. Once complete, the final report is released and an email is sent to your client informing them of its available status

Highest level of Security
Security provided through a multi-level framework, password and firewall protection and intrusion detection, user access to sensitive information can be controlled to prevent off-hours access and abuse. EI3PA audited annually.

Access to multiple databases
Access to all major credit repositories and many online databases including DMV, public records, criminal records and more

Comprehensive application processing
Reference letter and e-mail module included. Provides for storage of applications, credit reports and more. Search for and view historical applicant data. Multiple management reports available. Invoicing module facilitates billing process. Customizable to meet the needs of your business

Benefits of a Hosted Solution:
No costly software upgrades or software license fees. Reduces stress/demand on IT department. Remote accessibility from anycomputer with Internet access. Platform-independent and works with Windows, Mac UNIX, DOS, etc. Security is provided through a multi-level framework, password protection, firewall protection and intrusion detection.