UCITS Servicing

The 1985 EU ‘Undertaking of Collective Investment of Transferrable in Securities’ “UCITS” Directive was introduced by the member states of the European Union in 1989.

The aim was to create a pan-European Funds market with a defined level of investor protection through strict investment limits, capital, organizational and disclosure requirements, as well as asset safe-keeping and Fund oversight.

UCITS has evolved over the past 25 years and on 28 August, 2014 the European Union’s Official Journal published UCITS V (Directive 2014/91/EU) which will need to be implement into national law by each Member State no later than 18 March 2016.

More and more alternative fund managers are looking at adding a UCITS compliant vehicle to their fund range, helping to meet the growing demand for alternative investment from institutional investors who have confidence in the UCITS brand.

SS&C’s dedicated UCITS Service

Fund Administration
SS&C our clients with user friendly automated platforms for full UCITS fund administration services:

  • Investor services
  • Middle, back office, and NAV calculation
  • Front office trade capture
  • Corporate secretary and registered office

UCITS Compliance & Risk Reporting

  • Post trade UCITS compliance portal to allow the manager to monitor their daily UCITS investment restrictions
  • Prospectus-specific reporting
  • Breach resolution management and workflow
  • VAR analysis or commitment approach reporting
  • Back testing and stress testing reporting

Depositary Interface
Full connectivity with our depositary partners to fulfill their fiduciary and regulatory responsibilities

UCITS Management Company Portal
UCITS specific ‘Man Co’ portal to evidence core management company requirements, such as supervision of delegates and cash flow monitoring