Investment Data Management & Analytics

Anova is an award winning suite of products that combines investment data management, performance measurement and attribution (equity and fixed income) and an Investment Book of Record (IBOR). Anova is used by leading global asset and wealth managers to streamline and automate mission critical investment and operational processes, strengthening their investment decisions while promoting internal and external transparency.

Key Benefits

  • Positions and valuations, in different lifecycle states, intraday and on-demand to facilitate investment decision-making.
  • An award-winning performance and attribution solution which can be used stand-alone or as part of the broader investment data management suite, allowing performance and risk calculations to be made from a single source of data.
  • Efficient distribution of timely, accurate and granular data around the enterprise delivering enhanced data integrity and quality.
  • An integral part of business intelligence solutions in support of internal and external reporting requirements, such as APRA and other regulatory requirements.
  • The engine behind on-line wealth management portals and mobile applications that deliver near real time data on positions, valuations, transactions and unrealized profit and loss to end-clients.

Anova Aggregator

Anova Aggregator is a sophisticated investment data management hub with extensive data integration and reporting capabilities. The solution presents a holistic view of investment data and analytics to all stakeholders including clients, regulators and internal users.

Anova IBOR
Anova IBOR is a robust position keeping engine that provides a continuously updated, intraday view of a firm’s positions across all asset classes. This timely view of position data enables investment management firms to make sound investment decisions based on up to date trade activity wherever, and in whatever system, such activity has occurred.

Anova Performance
Anova Performance is a powerful analytics engine that automates critical investment performance, attribution (equity and fixed income) and ex-post risk calculations. The world’s largest wealth and asset managers use Anova Performance to capitalize on their investment decisions across any asset class and currency

Anova for APRA Reporting
Anova provides an end-to-end solution for Australian superannuation funds and service providers, to help meet the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s (APRA) regulatory reporting standards for superannuation funds. Anova automates the collection, interpretation and validation of member and investment data so that the reporting process through to form submission can be optimally managed, without error and in accordance with APRA deadlines.