Enterprise Performance Measurement & Attribution Solution

A performance and attribution capability gives the investment manager tools to frequently analyze the sources of return, providing timely feedback on the investment process. Sylvan is a performance measurement and attribution solution that supports multiple attribution methodologies including fixed income attribution (FIA) and security level attribution (SLA), user-defined attribution (UDA), customized benchmarking and composite management. Sylvan provides full support for industry-mandated GIPS performance reporting standards.

Sylvan is a market-leading performance measurement, attribution and composite management platform that is designed to streamline the calculation and reporting of all your performance measurement requirements.

With Sylvan, you benefit from:

  • Daily transaction-based performance measurement that is accurate down to the individual security level.
  • A wide range of attribution models that are able to handle multiple attribution methodologies, among them SLA, FIA and UDA.
  • Centralized data management that helps you control costs by reducing expensive downstream errors and dependency on back-office systems.
  • Generate state-of-the-art enterprise reporting, including interactive web-based performance analysis and composites.
  • Global reporting with GIPS-compliant data.