DBC® Debt Manager

Debt Management Database Application

DBC Debt Manager, the industry standard debt management database application, tracks all critical information on outstanding debt from issuance through maturity.

It incorporates the entire bond math library of DBC Finance, the nation’s leading municipal Finance structuring software, with a comprehensive database management platform.

Benefits include:

Comprehensive debt tracking features

  • All types of bond can be stored in the database including fixed and variable rate bonds, auction rate bonds, housing bonds, CABS and notes
  • Forecast debt service for any fiscal year basis, using any “as of” start date
  • Maintain a complete history of refunded bonds

Extensive reporting capabilities
Generate dozens of standard reports to meet all requirements for payment reconciliation, budget forecasting, accounting and financial reporting

Complete expense tracking and amortization
Bond issuance expenses may be recorded for any type of service by firm name

Custom designed bond allocation system

  • Multi-purpose bond issues are easily allocated to different capital projects or operating departments of a municipality by percentage or dollar amount
  • Refund selected projects across many bond series