DBC® Multi-Family/Health Care

Bond Modeling and Structuring Program for Tax-Exempt or Taxable Mortgage Revenue Bonds

The typical use of a reserve fund is to pay debt service on the bonds until the insurance proceeds are received. DBC Multi-Family/Health Care is designed for the structuring and cash flow analysis of tax-exempt or taxable mortgage revenue bonds and is used by investment banks, state and local housing finance agencies, and other industry participants for strategic planning, investment decisions, project surveillance, and default sensitivity analysis.

Easily accommodating all debt modeling and structuring requirements, DBC Multi-Family/Health Care defines the flow of funds by controlling the disposition of funds by source and destination. It supports a full range of loan types and prepayment methods, including conventional loans with full loan prepayments, ARMs, GEMs, GPMs, and variable rate.

DBC Multi-Family/Health Care also provides:

Reliable, market-proven technology
Backed up by SS&C's experienced support team.

Frequent updates
Help you keep on top of industry innovations.

Comprehensive functionality
Allows you to project forward cash flows by modeling and structuring taxable and tax-exempt issues, models assets, liabilities, investments, and the flow of funds.

Extensive reporting capabilities
Including the ability to concurrently run required tests, process unlimited "what-if" scenarios, and produce detailed, easy-to-read reports that provide a full audit trail of all calculations.