DBC® PortOpt

Structuring and Re-Optimization Tool

Restructuring opportunities requires monitoring, on a regular and ad-hoc basis, of your in-house and/or clients' portfolios. DBC PortOpt is a powerful optimization tool for structuring municipal bond defeasance escrows.

DBC PortOpt structures new portfolios and re-optimizes existing portfolios for defeasance escrows, construction funds, or reserve funds. Designed for investment managers, it has been used to structure billions of dollars of defeasance escrows. It is also used by bankers to develop financing plans and by traders to structure bids.

With DBC PortOpt, you can:

Optimize new portfolios
Of Treasury and SLGS securities, re-optimize existing portfolios, and solve mixed portfolios with multiple yield limits as required in advance refunding escrows.

Monitor restructuring opportunities
For in-house portfolios or clients' portfolios on a regular or ad-hoc basis.

Easily generate complete reporting
With bond summary and detailed reports.