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In a complex global marketplace, the advantage goes to firms that can make well informed decisions supported by solid data, and execute them quickly and efficiently, unimpeded by operational risk, compliance breaches or back-office errors.

SS&C Advent solutions span the investment management process, from ideas to decisions to execution and results. They deliver ROI in the form of higher productivity, lower risks, better-informed decisions, happier employees, and delighted clients. Think of them as a long-term growth investment that pays dividends today.

Portfolio Management
SS&C Advent offers a variety of portfolio management solutions for different types and sizes of firms, based on different business needs, budget levels and in-house IT capabilities.

Advent Portfolio Exchange®
Black Diamond® Wealth Platform

Performance Measurement
All of our portfolio management platforms incorporate automated performance reporting in the method of your choosing.

Our portfolio management solutions include highly flexible reporting capabilities, with a vast library of standard reports as well as custom report creation.

Trading and Compliance
We provide a centralized platform for making and executing trading decisions quickly and confidently and tracking them all the way through settlement, with the option of automated pre- and post-trade compliance checks.

Moxy® OMS with Advent Rules Manager

Save time and effort while keeping portfolios on strategy with an automated rebalancing solution that combines ease of use with robust functionality.

Black Diamond® Wealth Platform
Moxy® OMS

Automate and accelerate in-house daily reconciliation – or outsource it to our experts, who reconcile data accurately for hundreds of clients every day.

Advent OnDemand®
Black Diamond® Wealth Platform

Client Management
Know your clients better, sharpen your business insights, and deliver more responsive service.

Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX)
Black Diamond® Wealth Platform

Research Management
Centralize and organize all your research data in one place, so your investment team can collaborate on decisions and conduct more thorough due diligence in less time.

Tamale RMS®

Investor Accounting
Provide investors in private funds and investment partnerships with timely, accurate accounting, no matter how complex the fund structure.

Geneva® World Investor

Revenue Management
Save time, reduce labor, and improve accuracy in billing while managing and forecasting your cash flow more precisely.

Black Diamond® Wealth Platform

Margin and Finance Management
Gain transparency into margin and financing calculations and optimize collateral placement in a multi-prime, central clearing environment.


Data Services
Automate the import of custodial, pricing, market and reference data directly into our portfolio management and trading platforms.

SS&C Advent’s portfolio management, trading, client management, and research management solutions are designed to Increase transparency, strengthen data security, streamline compliance reporting, and reduce operational risk.

Hosted Solutions
SS&C Advent’s portfolio management and trading solutions are available on a hosted basis, combined with a menu of outsourced operational services, so you can focus on your core business, leave the IT to experts, and reduce overhead.

Advent OnDemand®

Cloud Solutions
Gain insights into your portfolios, clients, and business intelligence with mobile access to data via the cloud.

Black Diamond® Wealth Platform

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