The leaders within your ranks

Building a culture of effective leadership is not easy, and involves a many-pronged approach. If you run a leadership seminar once or twice a year, even a very good one, but do not weave the search for great leaders throughout the fabric of your organization, it will be difficult to be successful over the long term.

Organizations that want continued success recognize that the search for great leaders should be constant and ongoing. Managers at all levels must identify those in their ranks with potential and work to support them as they grow in their careers. Mentorship programs, whether formal or informal, are crucial elements, as are formal and informal training programs.

One way to demonstrate that your firm pays more than lip service to the idea of building a successful leadership culture is to offer self-study courses on the topic from SS&C Learning Institute. Employees can take the courses at any time, and managers can monitor their progress. An easy way to identify the motivated self-starters we all seek is to take a look at who has signed up for and completed a self-study class on leadership. You can use that information as a first step on the road to improving leadership skills across the board.

A training specialist from SS&C Learning Institute would be delighted to customize a suite of our highly-regarded leadership courses to meet your organization''s goals.

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