State-of-the-art portals are key to effective client communications

By: Nancy Chirinian

Client portals are the financial advisory industry’s answer to the technology revolution in communications. During the first wave of the internet boom in 1996, the notion of a client portal was nascent. Firms relied mostly on corporate websites, marketing brochures, phone calls, meetings, and printed reports to communicate with clients.

As advisors began moving away from paper reports to digital reports, more was required and clients’ expectations changed. According to a 2015 tech survey by Financial Planning, approximately 76% of the 600 financial advisors who took part in the survey said that they offer a client portal application. Providing your clients with information via their preferred medium (PDF, web, or mobile) is simply good business. Clients want what they want, and if you can’t provide it, they’ll go somewhere else.

An enterprise client communication solution that includes a client portal has benefits over and beyond improving client relations. A good solution improves operational efficiency, enhances operations scale, reduces errors, identifies bottlenecks, improves workflow, and meets all service level agreements.

Now more than ever, investors expect enhanced transparency on their investments anytime, anywhere. An enterprise system streamlines the design of new reports, automates your production cycle, identifies data outliers that require attention, and provides workflow that enables you to control the process and identify bottlenecks.

eReportal from SS&C Varden is the industry’s most comprehensive end-to-end solution for designing, producing, and distributing both online and printed client communications content. eReportal provides a strategic platform that unifies and leverages the data, workflow, and presentation content across your firm. It transforms how you communicate information and insights. It helps you manage your enterprise reporting workflow; you can flexibly aggregate data from disparate sources, customize content layouts, tighten audit controls, and generate report distribution in print and online. Clients have access to key investment insights across multiple devices and channels.

eReportal provides a highly configurable portal platform that distributes information internally and externally. Whether optimizing content for clients or your client services, sales, or investment teams, it provides drag-and-drop layout and design capabilities that facilitate quick deployment of new content.

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