Training employees to stay versus training them to leave

At SS&C Learning Institute, our first instinct to this kind of thinking might be defensiveness. No, no, training is always good, like working out or eating vegetables! But the truth is that this isn’t a baseless concern. Improperly executed, the wrong kind of training program, poorly deployed, CAN serve as a launching pad to greener pastures for your employees.

Here is an example of what can go wrong. If your organization doesn’t have a plan for how to roll out training and how to integrate it well with other systems of valuing and rewarding key staff, your training program will look like an escape hatch rather than serve as a retention tool. If you don’t weave training into the culture of your organization, where everyone recognizes and appreciates its value, then the only people who will seek out training are those looking for a way out.

At this point we have helped hundreds of organizations work out issues just like these and have the experience and skills to help you avoid the pitfalls of an improperly executed training program. Let us work with you to do it right – to integrate your organization’s goals with those of your staff and come up with a training program that is right for your company, increasing employee retention while lowering recruitment costs and lost institutional knowledge. It’s not difficult to do correctly if you are working with a company that listens to your needs and advises you every step of the way.

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