Tailoring the perfect learning path

Most educators wouldn’t think of entering a real-life classroom without having a pretty good idea of the knowledge level and background of their students. However, many online training providers forget this step when designing an online course. It’s easy to understand why. Unlike a “real” classroom, a virtual classroom can be a closed box development environment. Your students aren’t present until after the course is already finished.

The course developers at SS&C Zoologic Learning Solutions  have always understood that in an online environment you actually have to work harder to know your audience than you would in a classroom. From the beginning, each of our web-based courses has involved focus group testing at every stage. The result is that not only are the courses guaranteed to be targeted appropriately to the experience level of the learner, but we are also able to guide any end user to find which course is perfect for his or her needs.

Because we focus on financial services, this means we often cover a similar topic from a variety of vantage points. For example, for someone without an extensive background in finance, a risk management course may focus on basic statistics. For an experienced professional comfortable with spreadsheets and calculations, you can get at highly technical and quantitative areas of risk measurement analytics.

This means that when you ask us to put together a curriculum of web-based courses for you or your group, we may ask a lot of questions about background and experience. And after we put together your customized Learning Paths, we will be with you every step of the way to make sure your learners are getting everything they can out of the training program.

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