How scalable is your lending operation?

By: Bishal Thapa

With a paradigm shift from traditional to alternative lending, the alternative lending industry is facing unprecedented growth. Non-banks, marketplace lenders, mezzanine lenders, mortgage REITs, and funds that originate loans must all be prepared to accommodate a growing demand for their services. They must effectively manage their growth so they can remain operationally efficient, nimble, and profitable.

These institutions are looking for scale. By definition, scale is the capability of any process or system to handle a growing amount of work. As this shift in lending continues to gather momentum, one of the most pressing concerns for non-banks and alternative lenders is the ability of their current processes to expand in order to accommodate the growth.

To focus on their core business (originating and closing transactions), non-bank lenders must ensure they have robust processes and technology in place. They must be able to manage the loan lifecycle (pipeline, onboarding a new deal, contact management, keeping a complete history of the deal, collateral management, servicing, accounting, providing information to borrowers, and reporting) from start to finish. As balance sheets continue to expand, disparate systems or spreadsheet-based processes used to manage the life of the loan and achieve scale will be unsustainable and could expose firms to significant operational risks.

SS&C Precision LM™  manages your entire loan lifecycle under one platform. Its state of the art, secure, and highly scalable infrastructure eliminates the redundancy of using multiple systems and processes at various stages of the loan. Precision is a highly customizable end-to-end cloud-based solution that manages deal pipeline, collateral administration, servicing, and accounting with support for multiple bases of accounting and currency.

SS&C Precision LM™ is widely used by more than 60 financial institutions globally, including leading mortgage REITs, agency lenders, non-bank lenders, business development companies, insurance companies, and banks. To find out how  SS&C Precision LM  can optimize your loan management processes, email Bishal Thapa or call +1-212-659-4495.