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Connecting with Your Investor Relationship Data 24/7

By: Shaun McGough

The ability to pull up business-critical information in a timely manner from the field has never been more accessible and relevant than today. That is why SS&C FundRunner Marathon now includes the ability to connect to your investor relationship management information in real time via RIM BlackBerry™ and Apple iPhone™ connections.

By leveraging your existing investment in Microsoft™ and SS&C™ technology, FundRunner Marathon helps to minimize your information technology costs. SS&C also makes the information secure by ensuring only authenticated users who have access to the mobile platform are able to access this information.

The data that SS&C enables you to access on your smart phone includes:

  • Last action linked to an investor
  • Current balance of an investment
  • All primary contact information (phone numbers, emails, addresses, etc)
  • Assets under management by product/fund

FundRunner Marathon comes standard with both BlackBerry and iPhone reporting solutions out of the box. Ask your representative about SS&C FundRunner Marathon Mobile Reporting solutions by contacting Steve Victore at 212-367-4746 or svictore@sscinc.com.

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