Creating online learning that best serves the subject

You have decided to build a brand new online course. You discover the sky is the limit these days in terms of what can be accomplished. Gone are the days of bandwidth restrictions limiting video use. Now you can produce a sophisticated course using cutting-edge technology without having to become an expert in Photoshop or Final Cut Pro. E-Learning tools have developed to the point that an instructor can design, develop and build a professional looking course without spending considerable time learning new technologies.

While you might not have to employ a team of professional designers, videographers and web developers anymore, you will have to give careful consideration to your subject and how far you want to go to create a dynamic and effective learning experience. At SS&C Zoologic Learning Solutions, we are well practiced at helping our clients determine how best to serve the subject. We can help you decide what medium or technology best suits the material in question. We will ask you questions about your audience and your goals before settling on an appropriate learning strategy.

In addition, our clients have appreciated being able to leverage the work we have done before. There is virtually no topic in financial services that we have not already covered exhaustively. This provides enormous support even when designing a brand new custom course from scratch, as we have the experience and understanding to know what works well and what does not. When we sit down with you to go over your goals, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, as well as a vast library of highly regarded pre-existing learning objects.

Whether you decide to use an off-the-shelf Zoologic course and create a custom assessment to go along with it, or build an entirely new suite of courses using enhanced video simulations, we will support you every step of the way.

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