Shrink the gap between enrollment and underwriting

By: Michael Volpe

It is a fact of life for group life and disability carriers: optimal participation occurs when coverage elections are made at the same time and place as the core benefits enrollments. Increasingly, this means your products are configured and enrolled on third-party enrollment platforms by benefits administration companies, private exchanges or some other third party. Do you trust them to administer your plan design guidelines correctly? Do you trust that they will calculate amounts pending Evidence of Insurability (EOI) correctly for new enrollments and re-enrollments? Do you wait until the end of the enrollment window to find out who requires medical underwriting? Or do you simply offer the products at the Guaranteed Issue (GI) level?

Since 2007, SS&C has been helping its carrier clients meet these challenges effectively with our BRIX Online EOI module. We first enabled a “top five” carrier’s straight through processing of online EOI with real-time integration to the medical underwriting system for real-time decisions. Since then, we have invested heavily in the platform, expanding the breadth of plan types, simplifying the configuration and deploying a rules engine for automatic adjudication decisions.

All of these enhancements have helped our clients reduce the gap in time between the enrollment election and the underwriting decision. Here are just a few of the key features that set us apart:

  • Simplified Health Questionnaire – our consolidated questionnaire allows you to configure a single set of questions and then decide which of those questions are to be presented to the user based on the coverages applied for. You’ll never ask the wrong question of the wrong applicant and state-specific questionnaire management has never been easier.
  • “Jet Issue” – when your underwriting guidelines allow for approvals or declinations due to height/weight tables, amounts pending EOI and/or adverse responses to the health questions, these can be built right into BRIX for automatic adjudication in real time. These rules can vary by line of coverage and the height/weight tables may vary by age and/or gender.
  • Syndicated Online EOI – third-party enrollment platforms (including private exchanges) can instantly integrate the consumer experience of your Online EOI as part of the enrollment process. When elections are confirmed, the third-party system can call BRIX web services to send in the data about the employee and elections; then, using Single Sign On (SSO) authentication, your Online EOI is presented in a new window for the user to complete. Once the EOI is submitted, one more web service call will return the decisions (if any) to the third-party system; this ensures updated confirmation statements, payroll deductions and reporting with little more than a click of a button.

For more information on BRIX, please download our brochure or contact please contact Jeff Merrill at or at 860-731-5003.