SS&C: Making modelling bond savings easy for you

By: Kade Boone

With DBC Finance from SS&C, you can structure your savings in several different ways. Here are the most common options:

  • Uniform – DBC Finance amortizes each maturity amount so that the periodic debt service will be above or below the periodic revenue constraint by the same dollar amount in each period, resulting in level savings.
  • Fill – DBC Finance maximizes bond proceeds given the revenue constraints. By default the full amount of revenues is used to pay debt service in each period, while allowing for a coverage factor. The Fill solution solves for the necessary par amount in order to fill without exceeding the revenue constraints. This option is typically used to produce zero to less than a bond in savings.
  • Accelerated – DBC Finance amortizes principal as quickly as possible to produce maximum front-loaded debt service. The result: back-loaded savings or savings in the future.
  • Deferred The opposite of the accelerated solution, DBC Finance amortizes principal as far out as possible producing maximum back-loaded debt service. The result: maximum up-front savings.

These are just a few of the savings structures available in the DBC Finance program. For more information about DBC Finance, download our brochure, request a demonstration or email