Tenants submitting work requests via the web

By: Mark Ziemba

Are you looking to eliminate the need to take work order request phone calls from tenants?  Are you looking to eliminate those same tenants calling and following up to see if their work order has been processed?  Would you like to automate the dispatching of those work orders?  And what about automating the accounts receivable/billing process to tenants and the accounts payable process with vendors for those work orders?

Using SS&C''s SKYLINE Web Work Requests, you can eliminate these tedious manual steps by automating the entire work order request process. At the same time, SKYLINE Web Work Requests will also provide a higher level of customer service to your tenants.

Your tenants will no longer need to call you and describe their work order request on the phone, in a voice message or through e-mail. They will simply log on to your company''s SKYLINE Web Work Request Portal and submit their request via the Internet. Once your tenant submits the work order request, they immediately receive an automatic e-mail from your organization confirming that the work order request has been received. At the same time, you will receive an e-mail stating that a work order request has been submitted.

You then process, dispatch and track the work order automatically within SKYLINE. As you process the work order, the tenant receives additional automatic e-mails to update them on the status of their work order.

This streamlined automation for receipt and processing of work orders within SKYLINE will create obvious efficiencies within your property management company. In addition, you will be extending a significant additional level of customer service to your tenants, which will improve tenant satisfaction and retention.

For information on SKYLINE Property Management software, please contact Mark Ziemba at 312-443-7531 or mziemba@sscinc.com, or download a brochure that highlights the features and benefits of SKYLINE.