Mobility – More than just cost savings

By: Abe Smith

Typically two methods are employed when looking to improve your bottom line. You can look at differentiating with new product offerings that increase value in the customer’s eye. You can also streamline business processes to help cut costs and be more economical. And sometimes you can have both: an owner self-service website and automated payments.

Over the past few years, we have seen many clients benefit from TimeShareWare’s online self-service capabilities. Two customers in particular account for as much as $13,000,000 annually in payments applied and posted to owner accounts without having any clerical intervention. One company also included an option for owners to send payments to a bank lockbox, and the amount of transactions doubled to 60 percent of all payments being posted with minimal user involvement.  But it’s not just about cost savings. Self-service options provide customers control and ease of use on their timetable: when they’re ready, when they want. Your storefront is always open.

SS&C’s TimeShareWare software offers multiple options for accepting online and automated payments. You can use a library of built-in APIs to build your own website with flexible and powerful tools to help create that signature look and feel your customers expect. Or it can be an out-of-the-box website, one that allows owners to pay their maintenance fees without having to call in. Both products support accepting a convenience fee as well. You can also use TimeShareWare’s Lockbox interface, which allows payments to be automatically created from a file received from your bank using ACH or credit card account deductions. Imagine accepting payments without necessary personnel having to process, post, and bank deposit the payments.

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