Leveraging multiple monitors

By: Qualitech

Whether it’s a simple two-monitor system or even as many as four (really effective) to six (a little much but not for Wall Street activities), having more than one monitor can positively affect how a property manager organizes their work. There’s no denying that with all the responsibilities property management workers have, it is always necessary to be using multiple applications at the same time. If you are confined to one monitor, you can spend a lot of time rearranging application windows, minimizing and maximizing various programs, trying to do side-by-side comparisons, or cutting and pasting operations between programs.

Imagine being able to have your SKYLINE property management application up in one window with a financial statement active, while a related detailed spreadsheet is on another monitor; comparing the data between them is as simple as looking from one screen to the other. An email application can even be windowed on one of the monitors sharing space with Excel or another productivity application, so you can easily see when new messages are coming in and get a quick impression about their subject.

It may not be for everyone, but it is even fairly simple to double your monitors and have a bank of four easily viewable from your desk. Most new computers will handle dual monitors with built-in video cards, and it’s relatively easy to add another to add more monitors. In this scenario, you can have even more windows open all the time and very easily browse between applications without any effort at all. Accounting data, financial spreadsheets, lease documents, emails and web browsing sessions – all are accessible simply by casting your gaze in a different direction. It may not seem like a big deal when you are working with just one monitor, but ask anybody who is using multiple monitors and ask them if they would ever go back. There is no doubt that the answer would be no.

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