Finding a better way

By: James Saunders

At work, the more efficiently we can accomplish a task, the more potential money we can help bring in.  (Remember that efficiency is a measure of both time and accuracy.) For most of us, there are tasks that we are required to do over and over (and over) again. Sometimes that work is very manual and labor intensive. Personally, I hate doing the same manual process multiple times. My software programming background tells me that there must be a more efficient way, so I like try to find ways to automate or speed things up with a system (calculations in Excel, macros, copy/paste, etc. – you know what I’m talking about).

The whole reason we have software systems is to simplify and increase efficiencies at work. Keeping files of papers and making phone calls to managers and reading notes on a sticky pad are very manual ways to manage a business. There’s a better, more efficient way. 

SS&C’s TimeShareWare platform is designed with real-world business scenarios in mind. Common processes can be defined with rules and validations, so that users can quickly and effectively complete job tasks. Human errors are reduced because the system does most of the work. Headcount is reduced because the system can do so much more, and do it faster and more accurately. Processes and information are centralized into the system so everyone has access to the same data.

Time is money, and one of the best investments a company can make is into a system that will improve the overall efficiency of employees by helping them work faster and with fewer errors. Those efficiencies will turn into more opportunities to interact with customers, will help eliminate waste and will ultimately increase the bottom line.

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