The technology that “seals the deal”

By: Anton Systems

Conventions and seminars are a beneficial aspect of our industry. Whether your business exhibits in a booth or you are just a participant, knowing that you are available for any meeting that might occur, whether one-on-one or with a group, to quickly demonstrate what sets your business model apart from the competitors, is vital. With proper technology in hand, this beneficial visual aide can “seal the deal” with tenants, investors, and more. SKYLINE Property Management Software gives owners and managers this competitive edge, allowing 100 percent visibility quickly to any interested party via the Internet or cellular service connections.

SKYLINE Property Management Software has built-in web features that allow full exposure of your day-to-day management, brokerage, property portfolios, and more. Without duplicity, this information can be used via modern technology to demonstrate strength in leasing, facility maintenance, and ROI on portfolios and properties, just to name a few. It includes the following features:

SKYLINE Web Dashboard

  • Demonstrate the value of your portfolios with full picture capability, including charts, graphs, and drillable detail with reporting of your managed buildings
  • Full Tenant Portal with tenant history and payment ability featuring RentPayment
  • Full alerts on critical dates via calendar, email, or login
  • Fully printable reporting from rent rolls, delinquencies, tenant ledgers, and more
  • Financial analysis, cash balance, and AP inquiry
  • Customizable presentations with corporate logo and unique first page chart and graph displays

SKYLINE Web Work Request / Dispatch Portal

  • Full Tenant Portal work order creation with history and status review
  • Facility maintenance engineer login to create, update, and complete daily work orders

Take your SKYLINE Property Management Software with you on the road to any convention or seminar and always be prepared to have the answers right at the touch of your tablet.  When it comes to winning deals in our industry, this visual presentation of your business model will always give the leading edge.

For information on SKYLINE Property Management Software, please contact Mark Ziemba at 312-443-7531 or, or download a brochure that highlights the features and benefits of SKYLINE.