Taking the promise at face value

By: Teuvo Jones

Cost of change vs. cost of status quo: it’s easy to add up licensing, implementation, maintenance, and support proposals and believe this accurately represents the additional cost to the bottom line. It’s a little harder to calculate the other side of the equation which offsets those costs. Staffing reductions, additional revenue opportunities, and increases to customer and employee satisfaction all add great value to the overall change proposition. The costs of staying and not changing are paid every day, little by little, whether they are quantified in a GL account or not.

Another important thing to consider is business interruption. Most managers and line employees fear that change will make their jobs harder for a time. This fear alone is sometimes enough to veto the very idea of change. What is often overlooked is the primary need for change. Their jobs are already harder every day. They’ve just gotten used to the old system and the bad practices they perform. Yes, there will be an investment in energy to improve but like any investment, total return over time should be the determining factor.

The promise of change is that things will be better afterwards. In today’s world, business leaders are wise to not take that promise at face value. At TimeShareWare, we keep our promises because we are the best in the world at what we do. Every day, we help our customers and prospects see the clear value that we offer and how our products and services help them reach their full potential.

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