Your data is your most valuable asset. Protect it.

By: Qualitech

If you’re a property manager, how do you ensure your data is safe from cyber risks? You must have the right systems, backups, and plans in place.

Although nothing is fool-proof, you can reduce your vulnerability by following these steps:

  1. Keep all apps and operating systems on your electronic devices up-to-date (weeks before the latest attack via Word, Microsoft issued a patch that prevented the ransomware, but thousands of companies did not install it and got hit).
  2. Do not click on attachments or links that come in suspicious or unexpected emails. Watch particularly for Word attachments, especially RTF-formatted documents.
  3. Back up your files and data periodically during the day; send data off site at night for disaster recovery should you need it.
  4. To prevent password theft, install programs that provide dual authentication via text or email before allowing a login.

Large companies are not the only ones that should be concerned. SKYLINE has seen many mid-sized and smaller clients targeted, including clients where suspicious emails were opened and propagated to others within the company contact rolls. Once your system is compromised, the damage can be devastating. If you’re hit by ransomware, even if you pay the ransom, it’s unlikely you will get your data back.  

You can limit the damage caused by ransomware by diligently backing up your data; it is important to have a continuous backup running throughout the day. You must also send a copy of your data off site every night. If you ever suspect you have ransomware on your system, get assistance immediately – waiting does not help.

The SKYLINE Property Management System can help. It quickly amasses financial figures, performance reports, custom client setups, and sensitive customer data, including all the residence and tenant information within your database, so you can back it up efficiently and securely.

The cyber threats we face are very real and hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated every day. For information about SKYLINE Property Management Software or how we can help you protect your systems from cyber intrusions, contact Mark Ziemba at 312-443-7531 or