June 8, 2012
Volume X, Issue XXIII
Software & Services eBriefing
Streamline Your Lease Renewals

Whether you have commercial, retail, office or multi-family leases, all leases require a renewal. The lease renewal letter for all the different sectors includes key details such as commencement, term, rent and unit. A lease renewal letter can be used for the following:

  • Lessee to sign and return for automatic renewal
  • Lessee to sign and return for lease modifications
  • Lessee’s intention of a non-renewal, which allows you to begin a search for a new lessee

How are you preparing your lease renewals? Are you using software that does not automatically fill in the existing lessor name, address, lease term, existing rent, square footage or existing security deposit? How many leases are automatically renewed or become a hold-over tenant, with incorrect rent being charged and paid? Are you negotiating these renewals on a timely basis, or are you losing income due to lack of time to prepare them? Is your lease turnover tied to your vacancy rate?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are not using SKYLINE Property Management Software. One feature of SKYLINE is its ability to quickly generate a lease renewal letter. SKYLINE offers daily, weekly or monthly alerts via sign-in or email, and you can even have email alerts sent to multiple responsible parties on a lease expiration date.

Using SKYLINE lease renewal set-up, you can have your renewal letter automatically fill in the occcupant name, address, lease dates, etc. All of this data is already entered in SKYLINE’s occupant information; no time wasted on pulling the documents from a lease file. Once you have your renewal letter prepared, SKYLINE will search all occupants that fit the criteria of a lease expiration date. Print the letter, sign and mail to lessee in a matter of minutes.

For information on SKYLINE Property Management Software, please contact Mark Ziemba at 312-443-7531 or mziemba@sscinc.com, or download a brochure that highlights the features and benefits of SKYLINE.

Written by Rich Ghawi & Mark Ziemba
Ghawi & Co.

Strategic Trade Show Attendance

By: Mark Ziemba

In an industry that thrives on contacts, communications and staying one step ahead of the competition, real estate trade shows represent the perfect forum to meet many critical objectives:

  • Meet in a semi-formal setting with dozens of potential tenants, some who are actively looking to sign a lease on the spot if the right opportunity is available
  • Network with others in the real estate industry
  • Become familiar with the latest technology used to assist in managing real estate assets, including SKYLINE Property Management and Accounting Solutions
  • Learn about the latest trends, opportunities and threats facing real estate industry

Many successful people in real estate view active participation in trade shows as a critical step to a high level of success in this business. Regardless of the size of your organization, your role or the types of properties you own or manage, the inclusion of intelligent and strategic attendance at real estate trade shows, as part of this year’s plan, could have a significant impact on your success throughout the year.

SKYLINE Property Management and Accounting Solutions will be attending and participating in two of the top real estate trade shows for spring 2012:

Take a look at the information on the websites above to see which show might assist you in meeting your objectives.  Springtime abounds with growth and opportunity and, in the real estate industry, some of these opportunities could be found at one of these trade shows.

If you are attending any of these premiere real estate trade shows, please stop by the SKYLINE Property Management Software booth to say hello.  Feel free to contact us by phone at 312.443.7531 or by e-mail at mziemba@sscinc.com to set up a time to meet.

We look forward to meeting you this spring!

Take Charge of Your Day

By: Stephanie Hodnett

When you arrive in the office each morning, the phone immediately starts ringing, you have a dozen or more critical emails to reply to, and your day continues on this way. Before you know it, it's time to pick up the kids from day care or catch the evening train home again. You're lucky if you managed to tick off one or two of the long list of items you had hoped to get accomplished, with the result tht tomorrow looks even more overburdened.

If this sounds like you, the idea of adding another item – professional training – to your long list of to-dos is almost laughable. Yes, you think, "Of course it would be good for me to improve skills so I can advance in my career, but I can’t even think about that until I stop leaving work at the end of the day with an even longer list of things to do than when I came in."

If you have found time to read this eBriefing, even this far, we have the answer for you. "Managing Time at Work" is a course from SS&C Zoologic Learning Solutions that will help you become the boss of your own day again. In this quick, easy-to-take course, you will learn how to plan and organize your day effectively, manage your priorities, and take control over the inevitable distractions.

Once you have taken this course, and noticed the very tangible improvements to your workday, you might also be interested in following up with another online course from Zoologic called "Improving Productivity". This course is particularly pertinent to managers seeking to identify and solve process problems leading to unnecessary delays.

We would be delighted to tell you more about the above mentioned courses as well as other classes offered by Zoologic. Improved productivity at work is just one area you will appreciate as you identify further opportunities for on-the-job learning.

Want more information on Zoologic? Download our brochures, request more information or a demonstration or email us at solution@sscinc.com.


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