Electronic Trading Messaging & Outsourcing

SS&C FMG is a leading provider of outsourced solutions to support electronic trading messaging. Our dynamic FIXLink Global Trading Community seamlessly connects hundreds of brokers and institutions, supporting a full life cycle of a trade across multiple asset classes. For clients seeking to further streamline their trading messaging infrastructure and rationalize its costs, we offer a fully outsourced electronic trading infrastructure hub solution. This wraps around your existing trading and surveillance systems to optimize trading messaging flows and increase transparency.


FIXLink is one of the largest global FIX networks in the industry. It provides users with access to a community of thousands of institutions, brokers and executions destinations in over 80 countries through a single certification. SS&C FMG’s end-to-end solution covers the full life cycle of the trade, supporting Orders, Allocations, IOIs & Trader Advertisements.

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MarketCenter Hub Electronic Trading Infrastructure

Maintain a resilient and scalable transactional infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a similar service in-house with SS&C FMG’s MarketCenter Hub. Our solution covers a broad variety of message handling services, from FIX connectivity management to reporting. A modular service, MarketCenter can be integrated with any other systems you already have in place. This also means you can adjust your MarketCenter service lineup easily, scaling your solution without affecting the service you offer your clients.

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SS&C FMG is proud to offer the only neutral global broker-to-broker network that enables its members to conduct cross-border trading with the same efficiencies as local markets. GlobalX provides broker-dealers and their institutional clients with fast access to over 100 equity markets worldwide. Our solution allows users to expand their market reach, lower operational risk and simplify settlement and allocation procedures.

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SS&C FMG’s MarketLook Information System provides traders with a web-based messaging interface to the NYSE’s Booth system and Wireless Hand-Held Computers. This allows traders to request and receive Realtime Market Information direct from their brokers on the floor. As a result, traders can make more informed decisions, reducing risk and improving trades.

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